Magical ThinkingΣυγγραφέας: Παπαγεωργίου Κωνσταντίνος / Papageorgiou Konstantinos

Magical Thinking

Magical ThinkingΣυγγραφέας: Παπαγεωργίου Κωνσταντίνος / Papageorgiou Konstantinos


Magical Thinking –the book– is a homage to cognitive biases. It is directly connected to the author’s personal experiences, modified through his writing style in order to become as educative as possible for his students.

Cognitive biases are not just interesting and amusing stories; they reflect the very deviation of our culture, our educational systems and our way of seeing, and thus forming, not only “our” world, but the world of the generations to come.

ISBN: 978-960-597-203-5
Έτος έκδοσης: Αθήνα 2019
Διαστάσεις: 14 x 20.5
Σελίδες: 120

Who am I

Why did I write this book

Magical thinking

The Right Man



A little bit of all the above


The big disaster

The big Truth (and the big Lie) 

The Twilight Zone


a) Previous experience

b) Buffers

c) Knowledge and opinions

d) Emotional Instability

e) Identification

f) The quest for the easy way

Causal Attribution

IQ and the same


Emotions & The fault of the senses

Cognitive biases

Some more Magic! 

Exercises to develop correct thinking

My checklist: things to avoid! 

A note on Habits

Checklist: Things to do

The parameters of thinking that affect success

Epilogue Ι

Epilogue II

Epilogue III


In this book, you will read -among other things- about
five basic concepts, Hypnosis, Magical Thinking, Right
(Wo)Man and Mechanical / Habitual Self, and of course,
the fault of the senses! I shall reveal in what way these
notions are connected as you keep on reading.
Magical thinking is basically thinking based on
emotions. Mind you, emotions (and hence,
understanding) is a powerful tool that may drive our acts
successfully. Emotion is also the prerequisite for
learning. However, “emotional clarity” may come only
after long and special practice, something most people
have no idea how to do...

Konstantinos G. Papageorgiou (PhD in Epistemology and Ethics) was born in Athens, Greece. He is an Epistemologist (BA Philosophy & History of Science) and also holds a BS in Food Science and has completed his Master of Science studies in the Medical School of Athens. Guitar soloist (with one personal album), The main areas of his academic interest also include expertise (sociology of expertise / motor & cognitive expertise), theatre pedagogy, sports science. As the creator of Distal Method for expertise attainment (, he trains and certifies other trainers and educators. For the past few years, he has been working as a teacher in secondary and special needs education, as well as in post-secondary education. He is the publisher of the scientific journal Epistēmēs Metron Logos. Ηe has been a tennis trainer for more than ten years. He is also a writer and a frequent speaker in various philosophical cycles and seminars. He is the coordinator of Lekkas’ working group, a Martial artist (Aikido, Wing Chun) and an athlete. His interests extend to philosophy of religion and volunteering.


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